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If your organization supports the objectives of the National Day of Reason, we invite you to register with us. Registered organizations will receive periodic updates and news about upcoming events. To register, please complete the form below. Only authorized representatives may submit organizational information to the National Day of Reason project.

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Endorsing organizations

ABQ Atheist & Freethinkers

Active Atheists at Middlebury

Agnostic Universe

Alabama Freethought Association

All American March

All One Heart

Alliance of Secularists USA

American Humanist Association

Americans for Religious Liberty

Apathetic Agnostic Church

Atheism... The Final Frontier

Atheist Affiliation of Western Washington University

Atheist Alliance International

Atheist Community of Austin

Atheist Revolution Blog

Atheist Station

Atheist, Agnostic and Freethinking Students Association (UF)

Atheists and Other Freethinkers, Sacramento

Atheists Anonymous

Atheists United

Atlanta Freethought Society

Berkeley Organization for Westies (BOW)

Book Talk - "The Freethinker's Book Discussion Community"

Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists (CASH)

Center for Atheism

Center for Inquiry - Office of Public Policy

Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics

Church of Spiritual Humanism

Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion (CSER)

Corvallis Secular Society

Council for Secular Humanism

Deist Links

Disproof Atheism Society

Duval Greens Party

Eastern Iowa Atheists

Elevated State Yoga & Meditation

Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago

Flagstaff Freethinkers

Frederick Secular Humanists

Freethinkers and Atheists of Virginia

Freethinkers Morgantown

Freethinkers of Central Arkansas

Freethinkers of Sierra

Freethinking Activists of New York

Freethought Association of West Michigan

Freethought Forum

Freethought Society at Tufts

Great Lakes Humanist Society

Greater Flint Atheists and Humanists

Heartland Humanists

Heathen Handbook Cyber Community

Holy Church of Happy Goodtimes

Houston Atheists

Houston Church of Freethought

Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia

Humanist Association of Manitoba

Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area

Humanist Community of Central Ohio

Humanist Community of Tucson

Humanist Community of West Georgia

Humanist Community Services of Northeast Pennsylvania

Humanist Society

Humanist Society of Columbus, Ohio

Humanist Society of Gainesville (FL)

Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix

Humanists & Freethinkers of Cape Fear

Humanists of Broward County

Humanists of Fort Worth

Humanists of Georgia

Humanists of Greater Cincinnati

Humanists of Houston

Humanists of Los Angeles

Humanists of Minnesota 

Humanists of Montgomery County

Humanists of North Puget Sound

Idaho Atheists, Inc.

Individuals for Freethought at Kansas State University

Inland Empire Atheists and Agnostics

Institute for Humanist Studies

Internet Infidels

Iowa Secularists

Just His Words

Kennedy Space Center Freethinkers

Lincoln Secular Humanists

Masala Skeptic Blog

Memphis Freethought Alliance

Metroplex Atheists

Michigan Atheists

MileStone Management

Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers

Minnesota Atheists

Modokraus Productions

New Jersey Humanist Network

New Jersey Transhumanist Association

New Orleans Secular Humanist Association

Northern Arizona Secular Student Alliance

Northern Virginia Ethical Society

Norwich Atheists

NYC Atheists

Omaha Metro Area Humanist Association (OMAHA)

Orange County Atheists

PA Non-Believers

Philadelphia Ethical Society

Prescott Freethinkers

Rationalists of East Tennessee

Reason for the Common Good

Rebrand Software, LLC

Round Earth Society

Sacramento Freethought Website

Seattle Atheists

Secular Coalition for America

Secular Coalition for Arizona

Secular Hub

Secular Humanist Society of New York

Secular Humanists and Atheists of Lehigh Valley

Secular Humanists of the Low Country

Secular Left Blog

Secular Student Alliance

Secular Student Alliance at Embry Riddle

Secular Student Alliance at Prescott College

Secular Student Alliance at the University of Delaware

Sense Of Life Objectivists in Florida

Society of Open Minded Atheists and Agnostics (University of Idaho)

Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostic at KSU

South Carolina Progressive Network

Space Coast Freethought Association, Inc.

Students for Freethought

The Atlanta Freethought Society

The Church of Critical Thinking

The Cleveland Freethinkers

The Fellowship of Humanity

The Humanist Community of Central Ohio

The Institute for Science and Human Values (ISHV)

The Liberal Institute

The Written Mind

Thomas Paine Friends

Tri State Secular Humanists

Triangle Freethought Society (TFS)

Tri-State Freethought Society

ULC of Kalamzoo

Uncle Sal Foundation

United Coalition of Reason

United States Atheists

United Universists

University of Nebraska - Campus Freethought Alliance

Unscrewing The Inscrutable

Upstate SC Secular Humanists

UUCA hUUmanists

Washington Area Secular Humanists

West Georgia Community of Reason

York Ethical Humanists